It's time to move away from toxic lawn care practices, and embrace truly diverse and organic ecological lawns! 

Ready for A Truly Sustainable lawn?


Regenerative Lawn Care

EcoLawns Atlanta is for Atlanta residents who want to maintain a meadow or a polyculture lawn with positive impact on the environment. We are thrilled to service your lawn using all electric equipment (zero emissions!), while also using all organic lawn care methods to build soil and support pollinators. 



Conventional lawn maintenance causes a lot of problems...

Did you know...


Conventionally managed lawns release roughly 4x more carbon than they sequester, according to a study published by University of California Irvine.


According to a 2015 EPA analysis, running a gas-powered leaf blower for 30 minutes releases the same amount of carbon as driving a pickup truck from Texas to Alaska! 


Lawns that don't have any flowering species are void of food sources for vital pollinators such as threatened native bees.


Approximately 85% of stormwater runs off of low-mown turf grass, which then doesn't replenish moisture in the soil, and means you need to irrigate more (which means more $$)!

We don’t use any chemicals.


We only use electric equipment.



HEre's our promise:

We manage lawn for diversified species, including broadleaf flowering plants, like clover.


We use organic amendments and natural fertilizers like compost tea.


We work with the seasons, and  have a proactive, ecological understanding of disease & pests.


We specialize in

Other lawn services...

Shades of Green...

No training in best ecological practices.

Experts in our field, committed to observing your site and responding with nature in mind.

Focus is on efficiency, not ecology.

We listen and we care. Our focus is on ecology. 

Can’t capture the nuance of different sites and client requests.

We can customize and capture nuance because we observe first. 

Non-responsive and/or non-communicative.

We communicate proactively, and enlist our clients in the process. 

We're committed to providing the most professional service to our clients!

"Overall best experience and the best decision we made going with Shades of Green."

They focus not just on delivering a great result/product but they provide education for us through out the process. The caretaking team is super friendly and provides great assistance/education/guidance. We have so much more wildlife now - owls, deer, hummingbirds, dragonflies, possums to name a few.

— bess

Bi-weekly service includes:
  • mowing
  • edging
  • blowing
  • hand weeding lawn
  • compost + debris management

our lawn care services



warm SEASON:

what we do

cool SEASON:

Bi-weekly service includes:
  • blowing
  • leaf management
  • compost + debris management
  • natural pest + disease control



Additional services include:
  • seeding
  • aerating
  • soil tests
  • organic amendments

"Just the cream of the crop in Atlanta. My historic home in Midtown wouldn't be the same without Shades of Green! They provide sustainably minded maintenance. A whole bunch of smart folks who care about what they do!"

- will

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How It Works

Schedule a quick call with us, so we can determine if we service your area yet, and hear more about your goals and site. From there, we can determine the best package. 

step #1: book a call

Your service package is based on the size of your lawn and goals, up to 4000SF. 

step #2: choose a package

Once you sign up for a package, you'll be asked to sign our service agreement and pay for your first month's service. Payments will automatically process monthly. Then, we begin!

step #3: begin service

All services are bi-weekly to help maintain the health of the soil, prevent erosion, and reduce or eliminate irrigation needs.

Monthly subscriptions renew automatically, and all services are a 12-month contract. No cancellation fee with at least 30-days notice. 

We organize our routes by neighborhood. If we don't yet service your neighborhood, get your neighbors onboard! 

If our roster is full, we'll add you to the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when we open our books again!

The first step is to book a call with our team, so we can hear more about your goals, location, and site, and determine the best package to fit your needs. This call will last about 15-20 minutes. 

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This is for you if:

You are open to a diverse species profile in your lawn

you want the perfectly manicured lawn with a single species of grass

You don't want to use toxic chemicals

you want have all your leaves taken offsite vs composting them

You're located in an intown atlanta neighborhood (ITP)

It's probably not for you if...

you're located outside of atlanta (or OTP)

"We have continued to be impressed with the passion and quality of care we experience. Every email, phone call or in person visit has demonstrated that this company is filled with people who are both knowledgable and excited to share that knowledge and passion with their clients."

- Kristen

Kind words

"When nature is left to itself, fertility increases."

— Masanobu fukuoka

Shades of Green Permaculture is a regenerative landscape design, build and education firm located in Atlanta. We specialize in edible and ecological landscaping. EcoLawns Atlanta is a branch of Shades of Green Permaculture.

We are a certified B-Corp, and woman owned business. Every outdoor space we create contributes to protecting biodiversity; growing food, medicine, and pollinator habitat; building soil, and restoring the water cycle. Your garden, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. 

Most gardens are designed to be high input systems⏤water-intensive, chemically-dependent, and high maintenance. Instead of toxic, resource-heavy conventional landscapes, we build health from the ground up by transitioning landscapes to become ecologically-sound, healthy ones. Our work is to reconcile the human built environment and the natural world, creating a conversation between the two that is life-giving. 

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